OX Pro 90 x 500mm Mixing Paddle, Helical w/rim



Crafted with efficiency in mind, the OX Pro Helical Mixing Paddle in 90 x 500mm size is engineered specifically for blending tile glue, grout, and other high-viscosity materials. Its innovative Positive Helix design guarantees thorough and efficient mixing, ensuring consistent results across various applications. The chrome plating further enhances its durability, making it resilient against wear and corrosion in demanding work environments. Whether you're mixing adhesives, grouts, or other substances, this mixing paddle delivers reliable performance and precise blending, catering to the exacting standards of professional tradespeople.


Tailored for trade professionals, the OX Pro 90 x 500mm Mixing Paddle with Helical design and rim is meticulously crafted to efficiently blend high-viscosity materials such as tile glue and grout. Its innovative Positive Helix ensures thorough mixing, ideal for tasks requiring meticulous blending of dense substances. Chrome-plated for superior durability, this mixing paddle guarantees resilience and longevity in challenging work environments. The 90 x 500mm dimensions provide ample coverage and efficiency during mixing applications, enabling tradespeople to achieve consistent and dependable results. Whether preparing tile adhesives or grout for tiling projects, this paddle underscores OX’s commitment to delivering high-quality tools that meet the rigorous demands of trade professionals. Its specialized design and robust construction make it indispensable for achieving precise and thorough mixing in various construction and renovation tasks, ensuring reliability and top-notch performance throughout its usage.

  • For mixing tile glue, grout etc - use on high viscosity materials
  • Positive Helix
  • Chrome plated
  • 90 x 500mm

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SKU: OX-P120609
Barcode: 9341231010897
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