OX Pro Heavy Duty Profile Pole 33 course



The OX Pro Heavy Duty Profile Pole is constructed from durable galvanized steel, designed specifically for bricklaying applications. It includes reversible, dual-sided precision machined markings and supports 33 brick courses, with a profile dimension of 40mm x 40mm for precise and effective construction tasks.


Tailored for tradesmen, the OX Pro Heavy Duty Profile Pole is crafted from robust galvanized steel, making it an essential tool for precise and efficient bricklaying tasks. Designed to withstand the rigors of construction sites, this durable profile pole ensures resilience and longevity. It features reversible, dual-sided precision machined markings that guarantee accuracy and facilitate precise alignments in brickwork. With the capability to accommodate 33 brick courses, this profile pole streamlines construction processes, providing a dependable reference for achieving consistent and uniform brickwork heights. Its profile size of 40mm x 40mm underscores its precision, empowering tradespeople to execute tasks with efficiency and certainty. As a crucial component in the toolkit of construction professionals, this heavy-duty profile pole exemplifies reliability and efficiency, maintaining the high standards expected in the trade industry.

  • Durable galvanised steel Bricklaying profile pole
  • Reversible two-sided precision machined markings
  • 33 brick courses
  • Profile size 40mm x 40mm
Vendor: Ox
SKU: OX-P102432
Barcode: 9341231034060
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