OX Pro Limestone Block Carrier



Crafted from durable steel, the OX Pro Limestone Block Carrier features rubber hand grips that provide increased leverage and a secure hold. Its adjustable design caters to various block sizes, offering a versatile 500mm jaw capacity for enhanced usability.


Tailored for tradesmen, the OX Pro Limestone Block Carrier is crafted from heavy-duty steel, ensuring durability and reliability for effectively handling limestone blocks. Equipped with rubber hand grips, this carrier enhances leverage and grip, offering comfort and control during lifting and maneuvering tasks. Its adjustable design accommodates various block sizes, providing versatility for different limestone block applications. With a generous 500mm jaw capacity, the carrier ensures a secure hold, maintaining stability and safety while transporting limestone blocks on-site. Designed to meet the demands of the trade, its robust construction and ergonomic features make it an essential tool for professionals needing efficiency and durability in heavy lifting tasks.

  • Heavy duty steel Limestone block carrier
  • Rubber hand grips for better leverage and overall grip
  • Adjustableto fit different block sizes
  • 500mm jaw capacity


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