OX Pro Mixing Paddle M14 (Negative Helix) - 135 x 650mm / 5 1/2in



Crafted for durability and efficiency, the OX Pro Mixing Paddle, Negative, is designed to handle medium-viscosity materials with precision. Featuring a Negative Helix design, it excels in blending applications like acrylic render with grit and thick paint, specifically tailored for mediums of this viscosity. Chrome plating enhances its durability, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even with extended use.


Designed with tradesmen in mind, the OX Pro Mixing Paddle, Negative, embodies a robust design crafted for precise and efficient handling of medium-viscosity materials. Its Negative Helix design ensures superior mixing performance, specifically ideal for applications involving acrylic render with grit, thick paint, and similar medium-viscosity materials. Chrome-plated for enhanced durability, this mixing paddle promises a prolonged lifespan even in demanding work environments. Whether blending textured coatings or preparing compounds with higher density, this tool reflects OX’s commitment to delivering high-quality equipment that meets the rigorous demands of trade professionals. Its sturdy construction and purpose-driven design make it essential for achieving consistent and thorough mixing results across various construction and renovation tasks, ensuring reliability and optimal performance over extended use.

  • Heavy duty mixing paddle for medium viscosity materials
  • Negative helix
  • Best mixing applications acrylic render with grit, thick paint etc - meduim viscosity materials
  • Chrome plated for longer life
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