OX Pro Stainless Steel Taping Knife



Crafted with precision in mind, the OX Pro Stainless Steel Taping Knife features high-quality flexible stainless steel, perfect for professional plaster work. Enhanced by a robust aluminum backing, this tool ensures exceptional strength and durability. The tapered DURAGRIP handle further enhances ergonomics, providing superior comfort during extended use. This taping knife by OX epitomizes excellence in plastering tools, promising both precision and comfort for a seamless plastering experience.


Designed with professional tradespeople in mind, the OX Pro Stainless Steel Taping Knife sets the standard for excellence in plastering tools. Crafted from high-quality flexible stainless steel, this taping knife meets the rigorous demands of plastering tasks. Its robust aluminum backing not only enhances strength but also ensures exceptional durability, extending the tool's lifespan. The tapered DURAGRIP handle is ergonomically engineered for comfort and a secure grip, enabling precise and efficient taping applications during plastering work. Available in sizes of 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm, this taping knife offers versatility to accommodate various plastering needs. Whether you're a seasoned tradesman or a construction industry professional, the OX Pro Stainless Steel Taping Knife is a trusted companion, reflecting OX's commitment to delivering high-quality tools tailored for the Australian market. Elevate your plastering projects with this taping knife, embodying durability, precision, and innovative design from OX.

  • High quality flexible stainless steel plaster taping knife
  • Strong aluminium backing for added strength and increased durability
  • Tapered DURAGRIP handle for better ergonomics
  • 200mm, 250mm and 300mm

Size: 200mm

Vendor: Ox
SKU: OX-P013320
Barcode: 9341231001192
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