OX Professional Mixing Paddle Extension



Crafted to meet professional standards, the OX Pro Mixing Paddle Extension is a sturdy addition designed to extend the length of M14 drive shafts. Chrome plating enhances its durability, ensuring longevity and reliable performance during extended use. Its M14 drive configuration guarantees compatibility and longevity in various mixing applications, making it a dependable choice for professionals seeking precision and efficiency in their work. 


Tailored for professionals, the OX Pro Mixing Paddle Extension is a robust tool engineered to expand the capabilities of M14 drive shafts used with mixing paddles. Designed with durability in mind, this extension enhances shaft length, providing increased reach and flexibility for mixing operations. Chrome plating ensures longevity and resilience, enabling consistent performance under demanding work conditions. Featuring an M14 drive, it seamlessly integrates with compatible mixing paddles, facilitating effortless attachment and extending overall length to enhance maneuverability and efficiency. Its durable construction and purpose-driven design make it an indispensable accessory for tradesmen seeking enhanced precision and versatility in handling various mixing tasks, reaffirming OX's commitment to delivering dependable, high-quality tools for professional use.

  • Heavy duty mixing paddle extension
  • Increasing the length of M14 drive shaft
  • Chrome plated longer life
  • Drive: M14

Vendor: Ox
SKU: OX-P121515
Barcode: 9341231011016
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