OX Professional Polyurethane Float (Multiple sizes)



Crafted with excellence in mind, the OX Pro Polyurethane Float demonstrates superior craftsmanship in polyurethane, ensuring durability and reliability for professional applications. Its one-piece molded design, meticulously crafted in the EU, ensures seamless performance across a variety of finishing tasks. This float underscores OX’s dedication to providing top-tier tools that meet stringent professional standards, offering a dependable choice for precise and efficient surface work.


Designed with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Polyurethane Float stands as a cornerstone in rendering and plastering finishing work, redefining excellence in the field. Crafted as a single-piece tool, it embodies OX’s commitment to simplicity and efficiency. Constructed from high-quality polyurethane, this float ensures exceptional durability, offering reliability for professionals in the construction industry. Available in various sizes, the OX Pro Polyurethane Float provides versatility to meet diverse project needs. Its design prioritizes precision and control, enabling tradesmen to achieve flawless finishing results. Originating from Europe, this float upholds the tradition of craftsmanship and quality synonymous with European manufacturing standards. More than just a tool, the OX Pro Polyurethane Float represents OX’s dedication to equipping tradesmen with premium equipment. Elevate your rendering and plastering projects with the enduring performance of the OX Pro Polyurethane Float.

  • One piece float for rendering and plastering finishing work
  • High quality polyurethane for longer life
  • Multiple sizes
  • Made in the EU


Size: 120mm x 240mm

120mm x 240mm
220mm x 420mm
180mm x 320mm
140mm x 280mm
200mm x 360mm
Vendor: Ox
SKU: OX-P010212
Barcode: 9341231001819
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120mm x 240mm, 220mm x 420mm, 180mm x 320mm, 140mm x 280mm, 200mm x 360mm