OX Professional Profile Prop



Crafted with tradesmen in mind, the OX Pro Profile Prop is a robust and adjustable tool designed for precise layout adjustments. Its telescopic arm allows convenient customization, while the heavy-duty steel wing bolt ensures stability during operation. Made from galvanized steel, this prop guarantees durability and spans from 2800mm to 3500mm, catering to a wide range of versatile applications.


Crafted with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Profile Prop is designed for durability and adaptability, making it an essential tool for precise layout adjustments with utmost convenience. This adjustable prop features a telescopic arm that allows seamless alterations in layout, providing versatility in construction and carpentry projects. A heavy-duty steel wing bolt ensures steadfast stability during use, preventing unwanted shifts or movements. Constructed from galvanized steel, this profile prop ensures a prolonged lifespan, standing resilient against rust and wear, ideal for enduring tough job site conditions. Spanning between 2800mm to 3500mm, its adjustable range showcases its versatility across various applications, offering the necessary support and precision required in different construction settings. The OX Pro Profile Prop represents OX’s commitment to delivering high-quality, adaptable tools that merge durability, convenience, and reliability, catering to the exacting demands of trade professionals seeking precision and stability in their projects.

  • High quality adjustable Profile Prop
  • Telescopic arm for easy layout
  • Steel heavy duty wing bolt
  • Galvanised steel construction for longer life
  • 2800mm - 3500mm

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