OX Professional Spoon Jointer



Designed with precision in mind, the OX Pro Spoon Jointer guarantees seamless joints between bricks, featuring dual sizes for enhanced versatility. Crafted from high-quality carbon one-piece spring steel, this jointer ensures exceptional strength and durability. The polished steel finish not only enhances its appearance but also improves joint finishes, making it an efficient tool for achieving precise brickwork.


Tailored for tradesmen, the OX Pro Spoon Jointer embodies precision and efficiency in bricklaying tasks. Engineered to achieve seamless joint finishing between bricks, this tool ensures a professional appearance with every use. It features dual sizes on each spoon jointer, offering versatility across different brick dimensions. Constructed from high-quality carbon one-piece spring steel, it guarantees exceptional strength and durability, capable of enduring rigorous daily use on job sites. The polished steel finish not only enhances joint finishes but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the brickwork. OX prioritizes reliability and adaptability in masonry tools, delivering a spoon jointer that guarantees optimal results and ease of use, meeting the meticulous demands of bricklayers and masons.

  • Smooth joint between bricks
  • Dual sizes on each spoon jointer for convenience
  • High quality carbon one piece spring steel for extra strength
  • Polished steel for better joint finishes

Size: 10mm | 13mm

10mm | 13mm
13mm | 16mm
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