OX Professional130x300mm Replacement Sponge - 6 Pack



The OX Pro Replacement Sponge is made from a specialized sponge compound tailored for specific absorption requirements. With dimensions of 130mm x 300mm, it is designed to perfectly fit the OX-P010830 Sponge Float, ensuring optimal performance for a variety of smoothing and finishing tasks.


Crafted with the tradesman's needs in mind, the OX Pro Replacement Sponge is meticulously designed to excel in concrete work. Constructed from a specialized sponge compound, this replacement sponge demonstrates exceptional moisture absorption and retention capabilities. Measuring 130mm x 300mm, it is specifically engineered to perfectly fit the OX-P010830 Sponge Float, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration for superior performance. Engineered with tailored absorptive properties, it facilitates precise and effective application across various concrete finishing tasks. Whether smoothing surfaces or maintaining consistent moisture levels, this replacement sponge is an indispensable accessory, delivering reliable and consistent results in concrete-related projects.

  • Specialized sponge compound
  • Render specific absorbtion
  • 130mm x 300mm
  • Suits OX-P010830 Sponge Float

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