OX Trade Brickies Brush with Coco fibre



The OX Trade Brickies Brush with Coco Fibre is a durable tool crafted specifically for professional bricklayers. It features a smooth, one-piece timber block and Coco Fibre dyed black, designed to effectively clean smaller particles. Measuring 70mm x 300mm, it offers sufficient coverage for diverse bricklaying tasks. OX ensures reliability with its high-quality trade tools, meeting the stringent requirements of the trade industry.



Crafted with the tradesman in mind, the OX Trade Brickies Brush with Coco Fibre embodies excellence and functionality essential for the construction industry. Designed for heavy-duty use, this indispensable tool features a robust single-piece timber block that ensures durability and reliability on-site. With dimensions of 70mm x 300mm, it strikes a perfect balance between size and maneuverability, catering specifically to the needs of bricklayers and masons. The inclusion of black-dyed Coco Fibre distinguishes this brush by enhancing its cleaning efficiency, particularly for smaller particles. Renowned for its resilience and durability, Coco Fibre ensures longevity even under rigorous construction conditions.

The smooth finish of the timber block not only complements its rugged construction but also underscores OX’s commitment to blending form with function. Whether clearing mortar residues or fine debris, the OX Trade Brickies Brush with Coco Fibre proves a dependable companion, reflecting the brand’s dedication to equipping tradesmen with tools as tough as the challenges they face.

  • Heavy duty Coco Brickies Brush
  • Smooth single piece timber block
  • Black dyed Coco Fibre for smaller particle cleaning ability
  • 70mm x 300mm

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SKU: OX-T060701
Barcode: 9341231022463
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