OX Trade Brickies Brush with Poly fibre



Crafted with bricklaying professionals in mind, the OX Trade Brickies Brush with Poly Fibre embodies durability and reliability in construction settings. This heavy-duty tool features a smooth single-piece timber block and robust black poly bristles, ensuring extended longevity and performance. With dimensions of 70mm x 300mm, it offers effective coverage for a variety of bricklaying applications. Trust OX to deliver high-quality trade tools that meet the rigorous demands of the job site.


Designed with the tradesman in mind, the OX Trade Brickies Brush with Poly Fibre is a robust and reliable tool tailored to meet the exacting demands of construction professionals. Engineered with precision, this heavy-duty brush is an essential companion for bricklayers, ensuring both efficiency and longevity on the job. Its smooth single-piece timber block provides a sturdy foundation, delivering durability and ease of use in equal measure. The black poly bristles, synonymous with OX's commitment to quality, enhance the brush's durability, enduring the rigors of repeated use in construction environments. With dimensions of 70mm x 300mm, this brush strikes an optimal balance between compactness and coverage, enabling precise and effective cleaning tasks. Whether clearing mortar residues or tidying brickwork, the OX Trade Brickies Brush with Poly Fibre stands as a dependable choice for professionals who prioritize durability and functionality in their tools. Experience enhanced construction capabilities with OX's dedication to excellence embodied in this meticulously crafted brickies brush.

  • Heavy duty Poly Brickies Brush
  • Smooth single piece timber block
  • Black poly bristles for longer life
  • 70mm x 300mm

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SKU: OX-T060601
Barcode: 9341231022456
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