OX Trade Polyurethane Float (Multiple Sizes)



The OX Trade Polyurethane Float is a specialized rendering tool tailored for wall applications. Constructed from lightweight, one-piece moulded plastic, this float guarantees durability and is available in multiple sizes to suit diverse project requirements. Its lightweight nature enhances ease of handling, while its versatile design facilitates smooth and efficient wall finishing. Ideal for professionals seeking reliable and efficient tools, the OX Trade Polyurethane Float exemplifies durability and functionality in rendering applications.


Crafted with the tradesman in mind, the OX Polyurethane Float is a versatile and lightweight tool engineered specifically for rendering walls. Its one-piece molded plastic design ensures robustness and user-friendly operation, catering to the rigorous demands of construction and finishing trades. Available in various sizes, this float accommodates diverse project needs, allowing tradesmen to select the ideal tool for any task. The polyurethane material's lightweight construction enhances usability by minimizing fatigue during extended periods of use. Whether applying plaster, render, or other wall finishes, the OX Polyurethane Float consistently delivers the performance and convenience that professionals require. Enhance your arsenal of finishing tools with this durable, lightweight, and pragmatic solution from OX—a brand committed to providing top-quality tools for skilled tradespeople.

  • Lightweight Polyurethane float for rendering walls
  • One piece moulded plastic design
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Lightweight

Size: 140mm x 280mm

140mm x 280mm
180mm x 320mm
Vendor: Ox
SKU: OX-T010214
Barcode: 9341231011924
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